Phone Of The Month – Sony Xperia S

Featured in this years international CES show in las vegas Sony’s new tele- gadget was unveiled  it was

pretty much mind blowing and it without a doubt its state of the art, sleek design speaks for itself.

The phone screams out extreme gadget just by looking at it, and its specs are really amazing.

Has an amazing multi touch which allows even ten 10 fingers simulataneously, fully functional 12 megapixel camera, internal memory of 32GB(no memory card slot though) it is also flash powered/html5 meaning one can stream online videos plus that gets boosted with HSPDA with speeds of upto 5.8mps(pretty fast) and a whole lot more.

The only setback this phone is that it is using Android OS version 2.3(Gingerbread), which to me is like backtracking, with phones like the Nexus being powered by the Ice Cream Sandwich the sony xperia s being a 2012  phone made me frown but i guess its still a an awesome phone

It still hasn’t officially been released but it is bound to hit the stores some time this year. My price estimates range between 450-650$….


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