As summer approaches in the West, Technology is also getting warmed up for one of the most anticipated Game Console battles of the year, The Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s X-Box one. As gamer for the past five years i have enjoyed their predecessors The PS3 and 360, which clearly did not disappoint at the time, both machines displayed impeccable graphics and a wide array of awesome games.

I hate to say it, but this time round i am not expecting either of the consoles to perform as well as they did in the past. i tend to believe that most gamers are slowly inclining their interests towards PC games. This is happening because PC games hold more detail and definately better graphics, thus creating a whole new experience for any gamer adn clearly am speaking from experience.



My pessimistic prediction regarding theses machines is that they won’t sell as well as they may be expecting, well definitely not in Africa for the next like 3 to 4 years(Pun Intended), but lets wait and see.

I promise to do a full review versus of both machines once i finish dissecting and fully absorbing the capabilities of these Gaming titans


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