Mortal Kombat X Trailer

Well the wait is finally over and Ed Boon and John Tobias have consistently outdone themselves with awesome gameplay, story and ofcourse graphics.  Quite recently they graced us The Mortal kombat community with a sneak peak of the tenth installment of the best fighting game ever made. i have attached a link of the the trailer do enjoy. (WATCH IN HD)



Dont Buy Cheap Android Phones

Hey tech people, well i know its been a while since my last post, but all i can say is ive been tied up, not to worry am now back with a bang, new intel and information courtesy of   my 6gb powered  Hp dv6, not the best machine in the market but it gets by really well.

I have officially made this post a bashing of those cheap knock off so called android phones that cost less than 150$, and have unfortunately  flooded our market, deceiving most ignorant people that they have good phones. Some people call them budget

friendly or affordable but unfortunately these phones are nothing but crap.


I’ll give an example of one phone that has flooded the kenyan martket, the famous ideos. I costs an average of 80$, its a pretty ssimple smart phone running on android’s Froyo, 3g enabled, gps, all basic smartphone features, but the drawback that most people forget is the performance. This phone has been flying off the shelves, but i wouldnt advise anyone to invest in it but that all depends on your budget. of course you can’t compare it to a phone like the samsung galaxy ace or even better the S2, they may both have the same OS but there is a big difference when it comes to performance.

Phones search as LG Optimus T and samsung galaxy y ruin andoid by providing consumers with subpar experience compared to one having a samsung galaxy s3, or motorola droid razr. Most of these budget have out of date processors, poor resolution and pathetic storage space. The phones specs might have been acceptable a year or two ago but companies should not sell phones with these relatively ancient components today.

In short Just say no to to budget phones when investing in a smartphone. Apps and softwares never run smoothly on these budget phones and people who own these phones will end up thinking that android is problematic. To preserve android’s good name i call on you fellow android users not to to buy these budget phones, one rather wait or save up until they can afford to buy a well rounded smart phone, thats the only way you’ll enjoy the full experience

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